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The WORLD says, A man with God on his side can do anything. Heaven says, A man on God’s side can DO everything!”

When you are MATURE in the faith, you don’t wait for God to say something, you LIVE on what He already said!

With MEN some things are possible, with GOD all things are possible.” Somebody shout, Lord I want it ALL!

God’s PULL is stronger than our habits. God’s PULL is stronger than our addictions. Let the HAND of God reach down and pull you in!”

Any BAD thing can be reversed when God gets involved.  Call on JESUS, and He will show you great and mighty things, which you haven’t seen before!

When God really does His thing, He will bypass your INTELLECT. He can give you deliverance that you can’t make sense of!”

“If you can dream it in your HEAD. God can take what’s in your MIND and put it in your HANDS! Who Believes?”

“GOD is the smartest man I know, you know why? He created Wisdom?”  (Proverbs 8:22)

“God is so GREAT that He even calculates your mistakes into His plans. God knew when you were going to MESS up.  However, He had a plan to bring you back from your MESS up.”

“GOD loves to do things Unconventionally, so that man won’t take the credit. Your NEXT blessing will come Unconventionally!”

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