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“I want to give a praise report to you AJ, I quit smoking today! I told Jesus that the cigarettes were His and for Him to take my desire and addiction and throw them as far as the east is from the west!”

“I wish more politicians would listen to you!”

“Wow..I’ve never had it explained to me like this, thanks for sharing.”

“I absolutely love this message, the truth in that sentence is incalculable.”

“I appreciate this truly may God bless your soul with effortless mercy.  I will distance myself from the socials and get to know him more because I barely do.”

“Your words hit home for me. Thank you. God bless you!”

“These daily insights are so thought provoking, thank you for giving of yourself to inspire others!”

“AJ thank you for following God’s message to you and spreading the Word!”

“I just have to tell you this, I had the spirit of fear come over me the other morning. Then I received your text about the spirit of heaviness being over somebody. That text came at the exact same time & reminded me God is in control.”

“Your quotes caught my attention, they let me know God really communicates with you!”

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